He is tasty but I am not sure I want him.

I meet a lot of men at London escorts, and when you meet so many men, you start looking at men in a different way. No, I am not critical or anything like that, I just think that I have a different outlook. For instance, I think that most cheap outcall escorts really do ask themselves if they have something in common with the men they meet. Anyway, that is what I have started to do lately. You realise you only have a certain amount of free time on your hands, and you want to spend it wisely. Recently I met this nice guy, and I rather liked him. But, to be honest, when I sat down and thought about it.

I really did not want to date him. After a long day at London escorts, I often feel like going out with pizza with someone and he would be the ideal guy for that. We would go Dutch and instead of letting sex make life complicated we would stay friends. That is the kind of relationship I would envisage with him. However, like other men, he seemed to quickly develop a thing for me when I told him I worked for London escorts. Sometimes I think that I am a bit too quick off the mark to spill the beans about me and London escorts.

I like to be honest because some men run a mile when you tell them that you work for a London escorts. Then you get this kind of guy who seems to be curious. Often when you start talking to a guy who does not want to get into your knickers right away, you find that he is a nice guy. A bit like this guy and he feels more like a friend than a lover. Not every man you meet is going to want to be your lover, and you are not going to want to jump into bed. It can be hard to balance things on occasion, but I think that I would be able to. I don’t feel this need to ravish him like I normally do when I meet a very attractive guy. Do men feel the same about women? I believe that men also meet women who they feel they would like to be friends with but they find it harder to express.
Working for London escorts probably makes you look at men in a totally different way. In the early days of London escorts, I honestly just saw my dates as pound notes. A lot of that has changed now. I have a lot of regulars and it would be fair to say that you really do get a chance to know them. That is good and I like that. But at the same time, you learn to not take anything for granted, and even these days, I do spend some time thinking about the relationships I have with the men I meet at London escorts.

What do they want and am I the right London escort for them?


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