It is only a London escort fulfilled my dream to have a date during Valentine’s day.

I thought I wouldn’t be happy anymore, because after all the failed relationships I promise myself not to be fooled by love. I am so done with broken promises and stop believing in love. All my life I want to feel to have a Valentina and celebrate with me valentines day. When I am in a relationship, for all of the months, I always look forward to Valentine’s day. Ahead of it, I think of surprises, where we could have a date, what will I give, etc. They are just some of the thoughts I usually think about.

I do not know what is more exciting during Valentine’s day. I want to experience it and how does it feel. I thought that my recent ex-girlfriend would fulfill my dreams. Usually, my past relationship before, we broke up before its Valentines day, so I have no chance to celebrate it. But it is okay I am used to it, but I know that there is still a huge difference when you have someone on your side.

Tria is one of the beautiful women in school. She is intelligent and talented. She always won in every dancing competition, and everyone just allured with her. I am not close to her, but I admired her dancing skill. I am also a dancer but ashamed to show it. Perhaps I only need a mentor to enhance my confidence. And I choose to join her club. She is the facilitator as well as the president. She is hands-on to teach the group and willing to take time if needed. She is approachable and always smiley. She brings joy to everyone. She is still there to hears everyone’s problem, and I admired her more on that. One time, when I was going to school, my left foot has a sprain because of basketball, and I cannot do the practice. And in that time we are preparing for a competition. When I go to the method, she was very concern to me and look for a replacement. She texted me first, and that was the start of everything. We won in the competition, and then we go out. We also have dates together and then agreed to be a couple.

I am happy with her and thought for a surprise this Valentine’s day. It is three days to go on Valentine’s day when she decided to leave me. She cut off all the communications we have.

I am so depressed and do not know what to do. I realized to book myself a London Escort. I set dinner for the two of us, bought flowers and chocolates to surprise her. It is only the girls at London escort agency fulfilled my dream to have a date during Valentines day


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