My friend was glad I booked him a Clapham escort.


The first time I came to London, people told me it was more pleasing. But the second time I came to London, I realized it is not just more pleasing that is here, but also it is more love. Everything about London is true. Earlier today my friend arrived in London for the first time, but my friend did not know is that a week before, I was working on the best surprise of his life, I booked him one of Clapham’s escort. Clapham escorts have some of the best escorts in London. I hope to show my friend a fraction of them. Above all, Clapham escorts are gorgeous. They are beautiful and at the same time they are fun to be with, and all of them are just affordable to book.

I was sure enough that my friend would love my surprise. But it is not just the escort that is amazing Clapham; it is also the people. Their friendliness, hospitality, and the ability to communicate quickly with someone they first met make the Clapham streets even more fun. When my friend arrived, I immediately introduced the Clapham escort to him. The escort gave him a full day tour around Clapham area. What the escort think is that my friend might like to drink. She brought my friend to the nearest bar. My friend told me that they had so much fun at that time, that she fell in love with her escort. He fell in love not just because of the perfect appearance of the girl but also the way she treated him. She treated my friend with kindness and admiration. No wonder my friend fell in love.

As my friend gets on his final flight out of London. I never wondered why does my friend love Clapham, London so much. I can see the happiness in his eyes. In a week here, my friend told me what he did not notice. He did not see a single Clapham person without friendliness in their attitude, a single person who try to rob him or anyone who wanted to harass him. He never walked into a place without seeing a smile on people’s faces. He did not see overpriced items just because he was a tourist, and he definitely did not see a place more beautiful than Clapham. He also told me that he was glad I booked him a Clapham escort. He said it was the greatest time of his life he cannot forget. He described the escorts as the finest among the finest. He cannot wait to go back here and have fun again with me, the people and the Clapham escorts of He got to his place with an unforgettable experience.


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